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Football Third Adidas Originals kids Shirt Marseille Purple 2018 Olympique 2017 ZFYTrYqp Football Third Adidas Originals kids Shirt Marseille Purple 2018 Olympique 2017 ZFYTrYqp
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Mine Field- (n.)- A room and/or large grouping of uggos duffs and/or grenades, with a complete lack of the normally accompanying hot friends.
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"Dude I went to the bar last night. Supposedly it was ladies night, more like giant fat ass space Seychelles Zen So Zen women's Seychelles So So women's women's Zen Seychelles rzrw4 from Star Wars night, dude I walked into a mine field."
by Maverick and Goose October 18, 2006
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Well first you need a bunch of friends,2 liters of sprite, a handle of cheap vodka, and 50 of those dixie cups that you swished your mouth out after brushing teeth when your younger. So half the cups get sprite and the other half vodka. Mix them all up and place them on a round table where everyone can stand around. The first goes and you pick a cup, if its sprite you move on to the next person, if its vodka keep going til you get sprite. Then just go around the circle til everyone has had there fix. Drink Responsibly.
"Man Mine Field at your house last night was awesome. I thought only tequila made her clothes Asics Asics Graphic 2 Black Tee Graphic TrKB1qxwTa."
by Matty MJ July 20, 2008
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Any place severely lacking good looking girls. A place with tons grenades.
The biggest mine field is located in Aurora, Illinois, at the Illinois Math and Science Academy.

Bro #1: Dude I'm so glad to be home!
Bro #2: Why?
Bro #1: Because I am finally out of that mine field school of mine!
by Bean4Lyfe October 23, 2010
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A slut/a girl who sleeps around. Called a minefield because a lot of men have planted their flag there; this would give the appearance of a minefield. This term also implies there is a dangerous element; you never know when you might figuratively step on a mine and get an STD.
Don't sleep with Lisa bro, she's a minefield.
by MichaelToTheJ June 05, 2013
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